When it comes to living with T1D – a positive mindset is key for me. Not only am I extremely grateful to have access to everything I need to treat my diabetes diva in the best way possible but also to be part of this wonderful and supportive community.
But if there’s one thing that can make me freak out – it’s hypoglycaemia. Hypos suck. They make me feel weak, tired, shacky, sweaty, angry. They can leave you anxious and without energy for hours!

Hypos are tricky. Sometimes you feel them, sometimes you don’t.
However hypoglycaemia can not only affect yourself but also different people who care about you and support you in your every day life. In celebration of WDD, Medtronic Diabetes Europe has launched its new campaign #hypoheroes to show your appreciation and to say thank you to those who look out for you and stand by your side no matter what.
I’d like to nominate my younger siblings Alex (17) and Amelie (7) as my #hypoheroes. Not only do they have to cope with my crazy low blood sugar moodswings, they also challenge me to be the best version of myself. They make me a better person, motivate & support me and cheer me up whenever I’m feeling down. I couldn’t be more proud and thankful for these two!

In partnership with IDF Europe, Medtronic will make a donation to the organisation if over 5000 nominations are made using the hashtag: #myhypohero on Social Media.
Who’s your #hypohero


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