Magical Tips on „how to cure type 1 diabetes“ (Attention Sarcasm)

Magical Tips on „how to cure type 1 diabetes“ (Attention Sarcasm)

Since I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I am constantly surrounded by ostensibly diabetes experts. However they try to teach me about important topics. One of their favourites? Cure.

All I can do then is facepalm.

Though if I would ever think about trying to explain that there’s no such thing (yet)…puuuh…then it’s on!

After all, I’m not a doctor – therefore I must be clueless.

I’ve started this blog to share my experiences and great tips. And that’s what I’m gonna do today. I’ll share top-tips from non-diabetics on how to cure type 1 diabetes.

(Attention sarcasm!)


  • „Cinnamon helps!

There we have it! THE MIRACLE CURE for type 1 diabetes! Or maybe not? I love cinnamon – it’s one of my favourite spices. Nevertheless I have to admit that I still have to take on the role as my pancreas…maybe I did something wrong?


  • „Just eat less sugar!“

Okay, okay! Everybody knows that type 1 diabetics eat way too much sugar. If only it would be that easy.


  • „You only got diabetes because you talked yourself into believing it! So just stop that.

You’ve got me, Sherlock. I talked myself into having a chronic disease. We all know that I’m an attention seeker and a huge drama queen. I simply like being the center of the universe – so what?

So you really think that I would let my pancreas take the lead role in delivering insulin? No, no, no – nobody’s going to steal the show from me, I can do that much better with my insulin pump!


  • „If you would eat more salad, everything would be fine!“

More salad? Maybe cinnamon and salad? Sounds good to me! I should have thought about this earlier.


  • „Stop injecting insulin! Your body just gets used to it and you will need even more! So just reduce it and I’m sure it will go away!“

Like I’ve said before. I’m a drama queen. I need attention. Just deal with it.


  • „Hey, you’re vegan! Being vegan should cure diabetes!“

Sometimes even I don’t have answers to statements like this one.


  • „My granny swears by cheeseweed tea and milk –at least it worked for her!“

Okay? Well, I haven’t tried this theory yet! Maybe I should get a cow and put it in my garden? Oh. Forgot. I’m vegan. Maybe coconutmilk will work too? If so, I’ll graft a coconut tree!


Okay- these were my „top tips“ on „how to cure type 1 diabetes“.


Now I’ll make myself a big bowl of salad and a cheeseweed tea with cinnamon. Until this mixture is going to work, I’ll stick to testing my blood sugar and injecting insulin!


(Sarcasm off)


xx Anna

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  1. I love this post. I had someone tell me on Instagram that she was reversing her Type1. I guess the world is flat too? Sarcasm.
    Have a great day with a sprinkling of highs and lows. No Sarcasm.

    Thanks again for the post!

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