Diagnosis Story: Natalie

Diagnosis Story: Natalie

Name: Natalie
Age: 23
Diabadass since: 2011
Located in: Moscow, Russia

I was diagnosed nearly 6 years ago, right after graduations exams and my admission at university. To say the truth, I have LADA diabetes and during the first year I had to take pills. But after one year I suddenly started feeling very thirsty (btw I was so happy, that I finally started to lose weight ) – that’s why I decided to check my blood sugar at a hospital. When I got there, I was welcomed by a woman saying „Oh, hi! Today is the International Diabetes Day, do you want to check your blood sugar for free?“. It was such an incredible coincidence! So I agreed – and I will never forget how her smiling face turned into a scared one as soon as she looked at her glucose meter. „Your blood sugar is 17… Do you have diabetes?!“ to which I responded „I guess so…“.

So that’s how my sugar story started. It was quite difficult for me and my family to gather enough strength. I was not sure if everything would be ok. I was alone in another city far away from home. I had just started my universaty education.  I gained weight, had a puffy face and stretch marks on my body. I did not even recognize myself in mirror. I just felt awful. Additionally I did not have a good doctor who could have helped me with controlling my blood sugars. After 2-3 years of having problems with my eating behaviour, my life turned into a devil circle „train, eat well – no results – sadness – gluttony – strong feeling of shame- depression – train, eat well…“. But I found my motivation, my point of change. One day, after my another overeating, I looked at my mom and I understood that she didn’t deserve a disabled daughter. So I started my new, more conscious life for my family. I have a responsibility for my family – I can’t be weak and lazy, my parents gave me a life and I don’t want to ruin that. I’ll do my best just to see my mom happy. I want my father to be proud. I want to be a good sister. I changed my life for the better. I lost weight and I started feeling happy again. My HbA1c is 5.9%. I found love. So now I’m trying to be better for my man and for our future life. Just find a point of change, it’s near.





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